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We began buying and selling knives in the early 70’s when only a handful of custom makers were offering their wares to the buying public.  From those pioneers has come a wealth of knowledge and experience that has inspired many of the most talented makers of the day.  The technology, equipment, and vivid imaginations, along with those truths forged early on have combined to bring  man’s most basic tool into a whole new realm.

For the past several years we have set about to find what we believe are some of the best handmade knives on the market today.  While we buy directly from a number of makers we also buy from individuals, collections, and estates.

Whether you are interested in handmade knives for the collector or investor, tactical knives for law enforcement/military, exceptional field knives, we trust you will find something here to fit your needs.

After 40 years, thousands of miles, hundreds of shows and knife deals without number, the fascination still exists.  That love of knives has brought us to this place and I suspect that’s what brought you here, too.  Welcome to our website, YukonRiverKnives.com.